There's nothing I love more than the art of athleisure - This trend is the perfectttt excuse for girls like me who hate wearing heels #sneakersfolife.

Depending on how you dress it, you still have that opportunity and space to be sexy but on your own terms and that's what I'm allllll about. Being comfortable in your sexy. 

I wore this look the other day for my birthday dinner #LibraGang - My mom treated me to Yardbird which I'd been dying to try for almost a year now. The food was pretty dope but I was honestly more impressed with the interior decor and the overall aesthetic AND (big and) the customer service. I've never had such amazing and genuine customer service in my damn life. That's super hard to find here in Miami too because everyone here is on some other shit.

I used to meet people and they'd always say us Miamians have the worst attitudes. It wasn't until I started actually traveling and experiencing other places and people that I started to realize that this might actually be true. We gotta do better Miami - as a people yeah but we can start here first too lol. I'm all about #JustBeNice2016 lol.

Anywho, now about this outfit. I recently picked up these track pants from Adidas (in the men's section)for a mere $35! I'd been stalking them for some time now and had finally decided to get them since it was my birthday week and all lol. I loveeeee the fit of these pants because they're super slim and have an amazing tapered fit to the leg. They look more like tights on me but whatev.....

I paired the track pants with an H&M satin bralette, a sheer tulle Zara top and my bright blue Nike Huaraches. To finish off this cool look I added a studded choker and big gold hoops.

As always, let me know what you all think :)