The moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. I've always kind of shied away from velvet after being teased in the 1st grade for wearing this gold tafetta and velvet shitshow of a dress to my honor roll ceremony. I loved that damn dress. Made me feel like some sort of black royalty. From there on I've never worn velvet, that is until now. I loved that this dress was not only velvet, but has a cool lace v-neck and lace hem. 
My intentions with this dress were to never wear it as it was intended to I guess. I wanted to make it fun and add a little interest so I went for that 90's Clueless/Jawbreaker look by adding a long sleeved black Nike tee up under it. I've always admired this "dress over tee" look but never really took the chance to try it. With the 90s revival trend going on now so it only seemed right to give it a try. 
For me, fashion is about taking risks and stepping outside of yourself to experiment with color, prints, and different silhouettes. I'm definitely not the most girly girl but I do love a good dress every now and then (with sneakers of course lol). 
The Athleisure trend is probably the best trend thats ever happened to the world. Finally women can be seen just as feminine in a pair of sneakers than a pair of heels. Shit gets tiring when people constantly question your sexuality over the clothes you wear.

Dress: H&M Divided | Tee: Nike | Sneakers: Nike Cortez | 
Jewelry: F21 + UO |