Velvet is one of the Spring/Summer's most notable trends thus far. It can be seen throughout major brands including Gucci & Prada. No longer is velvet considered the "costume-y" fabric you neverrrr wear but something quite magical. It can be added to just about any look for that unexpected but damn cute textured outfit detail. If you're looking to go all the way with the velvet look you can even rock a full velvet jumpsuit (and kill it) like the cool girl above.

While velvet is still a super cute fabric to wear, fashionistas be warned: depending on just HOW much velvet you decide to don, you could go from aspiring to look like the velvety cool queen Stevie Nicks to looking like an extra from the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus
It's all about balance sis. 

Hope you can get a little inspired from these looks :)